Friday, January 21, 2005

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Friday, January 7, 2005

Parenting is Easy

Parenting: Disciplining It's Not That Fucking Hard

    Parents often complain that there is no "owners Manual" for raising a kid (Never mind the tons of parenting books/blogs/magazines published every year).  While there are many unexpected situations that arise when taking care of children most things can be handled with good common sense.  Think about how your caretaker(s) treated you, do what worked for them when you were a child and DO NOT do what did not work (break the cycle).

 Need help disciplining your kid?  Here are the steps.

1. Ask the child to stop
2. Ask the child to stop and tell them why
3. Tell the child to stop and what punishment they will recieve
4.Punish Child
5. Punish Child More Severely (repeat as necessary)

--Always make sure to praise children for good behavoir and occasionally reward them.

No empty threats.  If your child figures out this system simply start skipping steps 1 and/or2 but always tell them why something is wrong, reassure your love for them, and never discipline forcefully while angry.

Perhaps start out with punishments like "grounding" the child, then if it's something you do in your houshold move onto more forceful punishments.

If the child is older they should have daily chores.  A good punishment is to have a second set of chores that you distribute as punishment.

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