Cutest Cat Family Profiles

Located on this page you can find profiles for all of the cats on the site (will ad more as time goes on).  Also, please note that I don't think I got any of the ages right for the cats, I was guessing.

Name: Baby Killer
Age: 2
A little bit about The Babe: Baby K is the undisputed cutest cat in the world. He is the focus of this entire blog and I love him unconditionally.  His interests include food, more food, and sleeping.  He loves anything that makes noise (including keyboards), and he gives great hugs.  I always like to think of him as a reincarnation of fatso. :3 
Name: Carlin
Age: 3
Relation to Baby K: Half-Brother
A little bit about Carlo:  Carlin is named after the great George Carlin.  I found him as a kitten not long after George Carlin died.  I am 90% sure Carlin is the son of Lemmy who is Baby K's Pep-Pep (Lemmy was the only mainecoon I know of in our town).  When Carlin was a kitten one of his eyes was larger than the other one, to this day it still has a completely different look than his other one.
Name: Missy
Age: 16
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Missy:  We adopted Missy from our local vet a very long time ago.  She used to live in a floral shop we owned.  She then went to live at my grandparents house.  She lived through my Grand ma dieing from cancer.  She then went on to live through my GrandPa's death.  After that we brought her back to our home and she has been back with us ever since.  Missy would like you to believe she is very proper but I know for a fact she enjoys being petted and playing with laser pointers.
Name: Farty Pants Charles Ann Manson The Original Anarcat
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Charlie:  We found and rescued her in my hometown.  She was so little then, My mom originally thought she was a boy cat so we gave her a male name, only later to find out she was female.  She now spends her days as an outside cat. 
Name: Carlita Taco Machete Chainsaw
Age: 1 year
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Carlita: Carlita is not her actual name it is what I call her though.  Carlita is one of my neighbors cats who comes over to visit my house on occasion.  When she was younger she looked just like Carlin, as she gets older she looks exactly like raggedy.
Name: Lemmy
Relation to Baby K: Pep-Pep
A little bit about Lemmers: Lemmy is the legendary cat that started it all.  Named after Lemmy from the band Motorhead (because as a kitten his purr was so loud like a motor) he was one of the best pets I have ever owned.  He is responsible for spawning Baby K as well as Carlin! 
Name: Killer
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Killer: Killer was my grand parents cat and responsible for part of baby K's name.  Baby K's full name is Baby Killer.  Partly because as a kitten he made me think of killer so he was like a baby form of him, and party because I wanted to name something so cute and cuddly with such a dark twisted name.  Killer was kind of a mean cat, I remember him scratching me a lot when I was a little kid but I still tried to make friends with him every time I saw him.
Name: Rorschach
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Rawry: Rorschach or as we all call him "Rawry" shares no relation to baby K and is not even my cat.  He originally belonged to my girlfriend's sister but now resides on my girlfriend's mom's (and fan) farm.  He got his name because his face looks like inkblots in a rorschach test, plus lolwatchmen.  Rawry shares many of the same idiosyncrasies with Baby K.  He is either a genius destined to take over the world, or a complete idiot.
Name: Autolycus
Age: Less Than a Year
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Pepe:  Autolycus is my girlfriend's new kitten.  He is the newest addition to the cutestcatintheworld family and I will document him as he gets older.  We are hopeing for The Babe to adopt him and be an amazing father.  Autolycus gets his name from a character the great Bruce Campbell played in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess as well as Hercules: whatever that show was called.
Name:Raggedy Jane
Relation to Baby K: Grandmother
A little bit about Raggedy: If it wasn't for Raggedy there would be no Lemmy, Which means there would be no Baby K or Carlin which is a world I don't even want to imagine.  Raggedy was a very old stray cat my family took in and took care of my freshman year of high school.  She was a great protector and loved to hunt.  She had no teeth yet would kill Blue Jays and Snakes.  She had to be put down near the end of 2010. 
Name: Sheba
Relation to Baby K: None
A little bit about Shebers: Sheba was one of my childhood pets.  It seems strange that we haven't had her in so long.  I had other cats growing up but she is the one that I remember best.  She shared a lot of the same mannerism as Missy.  She died sometime around 2002
Relation to Baby K: Legal Guardian (Pep-Pep)
A little bit about me: I am a college student, blogger, photographer, writer, actor, comedian, musician, and graphic designer.  At least I'm learning to be all those things.  I am a vegetarian and love animals (cats are obviously my favorite), I work on an old rusted up 71 Torino in my spare time and work part time in the laundry department of a nursing home.  I live a really busy lifestyle and am usually strapped for cash, but things are getting better.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog :).