Thursday, May 24, 2012


Well the power situation is under control (I moved..).  I've been staying somewhere else for awhile while Baby K and the other pets stay with my mom so I haven't really seen them much the last week and a half, so nothing new to report really.  Thanks everyone for visiting the blog. 
Baby K Photo:

I've been posting a lot of gifs lately lol
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Delayed Bappy

Sorry this update is so late.  My land lord thought it would be a good idea to illegally shut my power off on update Thursday so I have been dealing with that.  Here is what I was going to post, enjoy!:

So i've recently started storing my work-bag in my minifridge because the other day Baby K woke me up eating my pizza I had packed for my next day at work.  He eats constantly during the day you would think he wouldn't be hungry :3.  Not a whole lot going on at the cutestcat house.  I'm done with classes for the semester and I'm only taking one class this summer so perhaps I will do more with the blog again than the weekly updates.  Please tell your friends about this blog!  A simple share on facebook or twitter, or on a forum you go to, or word of mouth would mean so much to me.  I've been considering building a site for the cutestcatblog but right now it wouldn't be worth it with our views really. 

Outside of cutestcatblog this summer is for sure going to be busy with projects, besides all the general stuff I'm planning on starting a podcast, and completing some more sketches with my sketch comedy group.  I'd imagine Baby K will be making appearances on both, if so I may post about it on here. 

Don't really have anything else to say this week, so enjoy the baby k photos. 

Also this blog seems creepier now that I'm a single guy blogging about my cat, since previously I was in a comitted longterm relationship since before the blog started.  However, I don't care, hopefully you guys are enjoying everything.  If we could get enough hits I would absolutely go back to everyday updates, but I just can't manage that right now. 

Baby K Photo:

Random Online Image
Baby K look alike?  He does this sometiems with the rug too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Nothing too exciting happened this week in the world of Baby K.  Recently my family got 2 puppies, and all of the cats have been changing their usual patterns because of that.  Whenever I get home from work, I go downstairs to my room and I am now greeted by all of the cats instead of Baby K And/or Carlin. 

I'm considering maybe posting more about my life on here outside of Baby K, but I probably won't since this is a blog about him.  I'm not really sure yet just an idea I had.

PS Don't forget to follow the Baby K twitter account.  I use it for a lot more than just tweeting about Baby K so it might entertain some of you.  Also I still got on it even when I wasn't updating the blog for awhile so it's the best way to keep up to date on things.

Baby K Photo:

Made a vector of baby K to use one one of my graphic assignments.

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