Thursday, May 3, 2012


Nothing too exciting happened this week in the world of Baby K.  Recently my family got 2 puppies, and all of the cats have been changing their usual patterns because of that.  Whenever I get home from work, I go downstairs to my room and I am now greeted by all of the cats instead of Baby K And/or Carlin. 

I'm considering maybe posting more about my life on here outside of Baby K, but I probably won't since this is a blog about him.  I'm not really sure yet just an idea I had.

PS Don't forget to follow the Baby K twitter account.  I use it for a lot more than just tweeting about Baby K so it might entertain some of you.  Also I still got on it even when I wasn't updating the blog for awhile so it's the best way to keep up to date on things.

Baby K Photo:

Made a vector of baby K to use one one of my graphic assignments.

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