Info Page

Here is the info page.  I would have created a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, but here at the blog we have only ever been asked one question; so I will answer it here first and then fill out some general information about the site. Also, feel free to leave as many questions as you want on the comments section of a blog post.  I will add them to the FAQ.

Q: Can my cat be friends with Baby K?
A: Absolutely!  Even though he is the 'Apathetic Cat' Nothing makes Baby K happier than being online friends with other kitties.

     Meet The Cutestcat Family- This page is simply a profile of all the cats on this site.  Just a little bit of information about them along with a photo.  As our family starts to grow we will add more kitties.
     Baby K Videos- This link takes you to the playlist in which all of Baby K's videos are located for your viewing pleasure.
     Free Downloads- This is where I post all of the free Cutest Cat related downloads.  This section features wallpapers, HTML banners, and will soon feature many other types of downloads (icons, display pics, etc).
     Cutestcat Merchandise-  This page is where all official Baby K cutestcat merchandise can be viewed and/or purchased via links.
     Information Page-  You're reading this page right now. Yay!
     Online Image Page- This page is where I will post every "Online Image" from the daily blog posts onto into one big collection.
     Featured Guests Page-  From time to time we have features on the cutestcat site.  I post pictures of and talk about cats who aren't technically part of the cutestcat family.  This is a collection of all features cats.  Submit your kitty to possibly be an upcoming feature!

Other Blogs I manage:
     On top of this blog (Which updates daily) I have 7 other blogs which update  on a weekly basis.  Not to mention a few other blogs which update sporadically. Here are a few in case you are interested:

General Functionality of the Site:
     I have gotten into a pretty comfortable routine with the site.  In general this is how things function around here.  6 out of 7 days of the week are "Archive Updates".  An "Archive Update" is when the image(s) I am posting of Baby k are not taken that day/specifically for that update.  They may be from last week, they may be from when he was just a kitten.  On the daily updates we also have a picture of one of my other cats.  This can be any kitty from the cutestcat family.  And finally the daily update contains a random "Internet Image".  Once a week (or as often as I have time/content for) I do a full update.  A full update includes new pictures of Baby K, Random Pic from one of my other cats, an "Internet Image", as well as a video, general information about what is going on with Baby K, and may contain any of the following: Video of Baby K, New downloadable content, a feature. Or really anything else I feel like posting.

Online Images.
     When I post the "Online Images" they are not mine.  I do not own the rights to them and if the original owner asks for me to remove them from my site I will absolutely do so. 

The Music:

     Some people don't like blogs that have auto-play music.  I run many different blogs and this is the only blog of mine that has music, let alone auto-play music.  I feel like the music on the site is important to the atmosphere of the cutestcat experience.  If you don't like the music I am sure you can block it using an ad blocker program.

A word about ads:
     It takes time and energy in my busy life to update this site daily.  I do this site because I think it is fun, and I want to share the life of Baby K with the world.  However, if the ads generate some money that can help me out a lot.  Baby k eats *a lot* as well as his vet bills and the money I spend buying him toys and outfits.  I'm not some mega corporation capitalizing off of a pet.  I'm a writer/photographer on a college students budget trying to make it so I can spend more time updating this site.  If the ads bother you then I'll tell you a secret,  Install an ad-blocker.  I almost never know what ads are on my site because I use one myself.  The ads on the site will never ever ever effect our content.  Just be sure if you get an ad-blocker to pay attention, the latest version of seems to have trouble with them.  It can make your videos not play or not show up if they're embedded like they are here on the blog

Thanks for reading, Please leave comments on the blog posts!  If not Baby K will be sad.  (He'll probably actually be apathetic, because he is the Apathetic Cat after all).