Thank You For Your Donation!

Donate to baby K!

I would never demand (or expect) that fans of the cutestcat blog would donate money to us but I have added that option for those out there who would like to support us.  I take good care of my pets (4 cats) and give them everything they need, and the time I spend updating this blog comes at a sacrifice.  I am a full time college student, and I work the rest of my free time.  So if you're interested, every PENNY can help.  Baby K's operation earlier this year was very expensive, He and my wallet have made recoveries the best they can though.

Our donation system is set up through paypal.  To donate click on the donation button below, and continue from there.  Please be sure to write what you'd specifically like the donation to go to if you wish.  Some possible options would include: Food, vet, costumes, litter, treats, and anything else you can think of.  If you are worried about the money being used on my other cats, simply include the word "Baby K"  (along with specifically what you'd like the money to go to) and I will use the money only on Baby K.

Thank you very very much, we appreciate it.  Have a great day <3