Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby K has been realy cuddly lately xp.  Although Sunday night he was really getting on my nerves.  I was up late doing a graphic design project (And I had class the next day at 8am) and of course thats when he wanted to be pet.  But that didn't really bother me. 

Where I work as part of our pay we get one free meal per 8 hour shift.  I'm a vegetarian but when I remember I get the meal anyway.  If there's anything with meat, or anything I don't like but someone in my family likes I take it home with me to share.  Well I hadn't unloaded my stuff from work since I had to get to work on my designs immediately (I work second shift so it was already late).  I kept hearing him mess with the plastic sack I take to work with me, He does this from time to time, but it took me a moment to realize what he was doing.  Later when I looked at it he had torn a hole through two sacks to get to some lunchmeat and tomatos/lettuce that I had taken off of a sandwich.  It irritated me but I wrapped everything  back up real quick so I could take care of it when I was done with my homework.  Well I'd forgotten about it in my sleep deprived state and later the next day I looked through the bag and realized he went back to it and ate the entire thing of lunchmeat (3 slices or so?). 

I am the cool story bro huh?

My two favorite things, Baby K and Bruce Campbell
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