Thursday, April 19, 2012

We're Back! A Baby K Story

 So it's been awhile since we've had regular scheduled updates.  A lot has happened the last few months that has prevented me from updating the cutest cat blog. However updates are back!  At this time I will not be doing daily updates because my schedule simply won't allow it.  The blog will be updating every Thursday :3!

A little bit of info updates to take care of and then onto a cute picture of Baby K!:

Pepe (after this update, I will be posting the rest of my photos of him as a part of this update) will unfortunately no longer be a part of this blog.  I love and miss him very much, but he is no longer a part of my life.  Do not worry he is not hurt in any way I am sure he is doing fine, but for personal reasons beyond my control I don't see him anymore.

Also, bad news, my harddrive which had everything from the last 8 years or so, including my archive of pics of all of the cats, including Lemmy ;_;, crashed and I have not had time to trouble shoot to see if any of my files are salvageable.

If there is anyone who missed us, we're happy to return.  See you every Thursday :).

Baby K Photo:

Baby K loves his invisible Keytar.

This is now my desktop background.
Random Online Image

Remaining Pics of Pepe:  They're all from a birthday surprise thing I did one time.