Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Job Ideas

Lets pretend for a second that the majority of politicians within the United States government are not just living satires in their own cartoonish world, but are actually concerned with finding a real solution to anything and are willing to rationally discuss the issues. If we had people holding high ranking political office who were more like Ron Paul and Ralph Nader I think things wouldn't be so bad. They're on opposite ends of the spectrum, but what's important is they're willing to talk about the issues that have relevance to our lives as well as the fact they actually stand for something and genuinely seem to want to find a solution. If we had people with stronger view points about things that were important but at the same time were willing to discuss and work together on finding solutions to this world problems, rather than act out a play pretending to be debating anything. There will always be problems for the human race to conquer but it seems like many of the largest problems we face today have rather simple solutions. A major step would at least be looking for a solution. The people of the Occupy movement are not looking for a hand out, they are looking for opportunity for all citizens. One way I think we could accomplish this is to cut a few unnecessary expenses from the budget, these being the counter-productive occupation of the Middle East, the failed drug war, and just plain ridiculous expenses (corporate jets etc). Not to mention if the money from the bail outs was returned. If we took this money, and instead put it into paying people to do jobs, we wouldn't even need the corporations to hire more people. Which is probably a good thing since despite record profits they seem to have no plan of hiring more workers and decided to spend the bail out money on bonuses for CEOs. This is just a few ideas for jobs I've been thinking about, feel free to comment with any ideas you have too. While I don't like stagnant wages and it's annoying that every time the minimum wage increases so does everything else, several of these jobs could be done for minimum wage. A little bit of money is better than no money at all. Also without a world conquest those who are enlisted in the military could spend much of their down time doing these jobs as well.

Building an electromagnetic railroad
Cleaning up streets, rural roads, ponds, rivers etc of all trash and especially recyclable items
More recycling plants, and possibly more people sorting rather than machines
Riding Generator Bikes to provide power
Wind Farms
Delivering more mail on foot
Teachers for all subjects at libraries
Mowing with no gas/no electric push mowers on roadsides
Hand picking gardens, crops, and hemp if it was decriminalized
More Animal Shelters, no kill policy, spade/neutering every animal there
General RepairsHand Planting Flowers and Trees
Buildings Sidewalks on every street as well as shoveling every sidewalk and laying out salt
Preparing for natural disasters
More police officers (to focus on reports of theft, and in areas who don't have enough officers)
More firefighters
Centers for repairing good discarded items
Going through land fills for recyclable items
Attendants to show free educational films
Running faster internet lines

I think all of these things would be a better use of money than much of what tax dollars go to now. I still think

corporations need to hire more people, particularly in this time of great wealth for themselves. While many of these jobs aren't as productive production wise as they could be, many of them have little or no environmental impact as well as making the job a larger task promotes hiring even more workers.  There is no reason why we can't look out for and help each other. <3

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