Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sorry about the anti-climatic delay, my sleeping schedule combined with a brand new camera are to blame.  Anyway here it goes.  
Here is Baby K drinking some water probably wishing it was food.

Baby K was giving me a hug just like he always does.

Often to get Baby K to look at the camera I have to make a strange noise to get his attention.  Here is his reaction face.

I collect sugar packets whenever I go to a restaurant.  Baby K found some I had just brought home and decided to eat the sugar..

Here's me holding the baby.

He found a new place to sit..

Ready to go on a trip.

This is my favorite from the day.  

It is quite a challenge to get a picture of Baby K because whenever he sees me looking at him he immediately comes over to be pet or to play, and he moves around constantly when hes awake.