Friday, February 4, 2011


From now on whenever I have my computer with me but am not at home I can now update the blog using pictures from the archive of Baby K pics.  Some from not long before the blog started and some from when he was just a little kitten. Tonight will be the first archive pic.
Baby K as a Kitten playing with Carlin.  Carlin seemed so much bigger than him at the time but now they are the same size, still playing just like brothers.


  1. OOOH that is super cute! I want a kitteh so I can take pics of it doing silly things~!


  2. Thank You they are the cutest cats I know :p Having a Kitten is great I've been kinda wanting a new one but these two keep me busy as it is. Baby K is a little bit older now but I actually think he is cuter grown up than when he was a kitten.