Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Christmas Miracle! The Babe is transforming back to into his royal Fatness!

Hey everyone, sorry about the recent lack of updates, I recently started a new job and I have been working nonstop, my schedule should be getting lighter in the upcoming weeks so I will begin posting more frequently.
More importantly we have BIG news, BABY K IS GETTING FAT AGAIN!!  The secret to much of his cuteness is his weight.  And now the pics!
I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how incredibly AWESOME I am!

Bitches notice when I walk in da club.

For todays INTERNET CAT VIDEO, I found a video of a Munchkin Cat, Don't know what a Munchkin Cat is?  Well you're in for one cute surprise.

A Picture of one of my other cats:
Curiosity hasn't killed this cat. 

And last but not least (or maybe it is least) Random cat picture from the internet:

Be sure to leave a comment!  The babe loves attention, as well as feedback, what you like what you don't like.  Make sure to give some love in the form of views and comments to the video I posted as well.

Have a great day :3