Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Update (1/2)

That's right this is my 100th post on the cutestcat blog.  W00!  For the 12 of you that went to the site yesterday, I am sorry for the lack of update, however to make up for it today we are doing two UPDATES!

Today I also bring with me a quick story.  For the past few weeks the dish water has been inexplicably been starting with no one in the room.  A few nights ago at 4 am my mom was on the computer when she heard it kick on.  She went into the kitchen (Where all women belong jk)  and found out this entire time The Babe had been pushing the button on the front of it!

Baby K Photo:

One of my Other Cats Photo: Carlin

Random Online Image
I don't know whats going on here, but it seems like a couple of cool bros.

I also bring with today's update a story about a homeless man and his cat.

Also a video!

As with most cat videos on youtube the choice of soundtrack is rather strange, but its still entertaining to see a cat in a pool.

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