Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Update; COSTUMES!

Baby K Photo:
Oh shit guys!  Baby K accidentally went into the room where I house the ANTI-AGING RAY GUN.  He's been converted back into a kitten!  Where we're going we don't need paws.

JK, it's just Pepe (Autolycus)!  He's growing up! 
And now for some actual pics of Baby K:  I woke him up so he was half asleep and he started to get grumpy so sorry about his attitude in these pics but atleast there are COSTUMES!

One day he will grow up to be a beautiful butterfly. but for now hes just a fat CATerpillar.

There he goes with that one leg, anytime he doesn't like something it is his only defense.

Because baby was such a poor sport, I decided to let jack try the costume on..
Reminds me of Gir


Now baby's Happeh!

Everybody do the caterpillar!

One of my Other Cats Photo: Lemmy

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