Monday, May 23, 2011

New ideas for this blog, tell me what you think. Archive picture and Carlin picture.

As I become a more experienced blogger I am learning new techniques to make Baby K a bigger star.  Two sites that have helped me learn how to do things are shamimnasir and Blog Know How.  There will be some new additions on the Baby K site.  In addition to new Baby K photos I will also start posting 1 Cat video I find online, 1 Photo of one of my cats other than Baby K, and 1 Photo of a cat I find on the internet.  Tell me if you like it or not!  Now for todays post no new pic of baby K but I do have an archive pic you havn't seen.
Baby K as an actual baby kitten playing with Carlin on a summer day.
Here is one random cat video I found on youtube.  I think its cute.  I couldn't get the video go embed in this post so here is a link to it Cute Cat Video 1.  Leave them a comment and some love if you enjoy it, tell them where you heard about it too if you'd like ;)

Hopefully that worked.  Here is a photo of one of my cats that isn't Baby K.  I own several cats (not just Baby K and Carlin) so I will randomly post a photo of one of them each update.  This isn't the first photo only featuring carlin I've done this before way back on an old update.

I love this picture so much it looks so crazy.  Sometimes Carlin looks really scary in photos but he is one of the cutest and loving cats I have ever owned.
And last we have our final new addition for this post a random cat picture from the internet.  I do not own any of the photos I will post in this segment so all credit goes to the original photographer/photo editor. 

This made me laugh.


  1. hahaaha the last pic! Great blog i love cats

  2. muscle cat muscle cat does whatever muscle cat does