Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poor Baby K!

I just took the babe to the vet.  Turns out he has had an ear infection for awhile.  Because of this ear infection he started shaking his head a lot.  Because he shook his head a lot he now has a burst vessel; Ear Hematoma.  I dropped im off tonight so they can take care of it but this is expensive.  The office visit alone was $40!  I gave them $200 (that was budgeted to pay something else) and now I have to come up with about $250 more..

I really think he is a fatso reincarnate.  When I wear my keyboard cat shirt it looks like i'm even more obsessed with the babe.

Playing Nice with The Doll.

Not so nice..

Baby K really loved the game mario paint.

HELLO?? I'll haz 37 cheezburgerz to go, and a diet soda.

This is his family, his brother milo who went missing, and his two other brothers we gave away, and shaniqua who we gave away.

Here they are again xp.
Here's some archive pics, I didn't take any today.

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