Thursday, August 18, 2011

Update: Monday

So I know i'm a little late, but here is the update but i've been very busy lately.  This is the update that was meant for Monday. 

Heres some NEW pics of Baby K!  Don't get too excited he wasn't being a very good model..
Just a blur on a camera
X marks the Babe

I've swept my floor since then..

Baby K doing his best Amy Whinehouse
One of my other cats: Charles
Showing Her Fat hanging out.
One Online Image:
lol poetry

Last but not least, tonight we have a very special feature. Her name is Butterball.

When The Babe was just a baby the king Queen of the fat-cats was Butterball.  She is the original Fat-cat.  Now Baby K has grown to be about her size and possibly her weight.  She was extremely cuddly and had a drooling problem.  This was my neighbors cat but we treated her like one of our own.  I wonder how shes doing these days..

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