Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update: Saturday

Today on the cutestcat blog we have our first non-archive update of this week.

Baby K Photo

One of my other cats: Carlin
Carlin at about 6 in the morning
Random Internet Photo:
This Cat can Time Travel!
And now the big moment.
Lately, on the cutestcat blog I have been doing features.  Previously we have featured Campbell and Seymour.  This week we have a special feature, a cat-celebrity of sorts. It's not Nora or Fatso, but this cat has been on the best sketch comedy show of all time Whitest Kids U' Know. 

Her name is Spaceship and she belongs to Timmy and Kristin Williams. 
Spaceship enjoying her nightly meal of pizza.
Spaceship Playing Magic.
She was even featured in a WKUK sketch: Feling Delights.

  If only they'd been able to make the "Cat Congress" video.    I am told Spaceship is available for interviews but I've heard the things she's said about Amy Whinehouse and I"m not sure I can post that here...

Timmy Williams has his own blog which can be found here It's about dreams, and what assholes they are.

And last: A random video.


  1. Ha ha yes, it's a police uniform. I like to think of him as a fat police chief eating donuts.