Friday, July 22, 2011

Groovy Update

So I decided to look around my house before I updated and this is what I found.
He was sleeping upstairs.
I was petting him and he gave started grabbing my arm.

Horrible photo, He was giving me a hug here
Carlin actually laying in the bed for once.  I'm sure as soon as I lay down he will get up and go do something else.
So good news, My girlfriend and I took Autolycus to the vet.  We got him 3 medications and within the first hour he was already looking much better!
(Not a current picture)
Now I have an important feature I'd like to do.  Last night I went to my Brother's 21st surprise birthday party.  While there I met his/his gfs wonderful cat.   Here he is his name is Campbell and he is a total badass.
Large: Check, Orange: Check, Name is a Bruce Campbell Reference: Check.  He has passed the awesome test.

He even has his own secret hideout! 
Today instead of a random internet photo we have a random .gif *If you want to view the gif you have to click on it apparently*
And finally a cat video.  Something about this video just makes me crack up.  Enjoy.

Also, I was originally going to leave the new background up only for a day, however i'm really liking the blog better with it.  Keep an eye out there might be some surprises with the background in the near future.

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