Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011: A Baby K

Sorry of the lack of updates this last week, and most likely this week.  Last week I was away visiting some family and their internet connection was uncooperative.  This week I have a lot of things in my schedule but I'll update when I can.  I promise by the beginning of next week to have the brand new profile page up!

Here is a pic from me packing and Baby apparently wanted to help

This is what I had to say goodbye too as I left for work this afternoon. 

This is the cropped but non edited version of the photo of baby as a Kitten that I used to make a background from.

Original uncropped version.

One of my other cats! Carlin as usual!
Not sure if I've ever posted this before but it was a good one my Girlfriend took of Carlin
My video today is one of my all time favorite cat videos, words cannot do it justice:

And finally quite possibly my favorite cat image on the internet of all time:
You may have to do a double take, that is infact not baby K or Autolycus.  Though I hope to someday replicate this photo. When pep pep meets pepe.

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