Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby K Vs Megalon

Just thought I would update before I go to sleep.  Tomorrow I will be accompanying my girlfriend in taking Autolycus to the vet.  His eyes have had this goopy stuff coming out of them for awhile now and it hasn't gone away.  Then we will get to take him on his first trip to the park! Here's some pics of Baby sleeping.
I'm so glad hes fat again!
Lately when he hasn't been sleeping in the bed, I keep finding him all the time sleeping on this pile of clothes.
My gf took this, I think the first day she had her new camera
VIDEO TIME:  This following video is perhaps the cutest video of all time and it doesn't even have Baby K in it!  It's one of the only times i've "D'awwwwwd" outloud.  Enjoy

The Babe gives me hugs like that all the time!  Well that's it for tonight, make sure to leave a comment it makes the babe happy.  Keep an eye out for profile pages later this week.

Speaking of the babe, he just woke up and came over to me.  :3

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