Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I attempted to add a new surprise in the background of the cutestcat blog however I am fairly inexperienced with html and java so that did not turn out as planned.  Eventually I'll figure it out and the site will be forever changed.  One of these days if I have a lot of free time (Free time?  What's that?) I may scrap the template I found when I first started using blogger and design my own page from scratch in html.  I have made a decision and this time it's really happening.  Daily Updates!  They will be quick and slim (very unlike their subject Baby K) but they will be daily.  Most likely consisting of one picture to make sure I have enough to always do a daily update.

Now I know Cthulu is winning in the costume so far *YOU CAN STILL VOTE* I do have a special surprise for everyone.  It's Baby and he is in a costume.  Enjoy.
He's showing us his good side.

I would sell my soul to him

Hell has never been so cute!


Yes master I will do your bidding. I am forever indebted to cuteness
Please note these are old photos, that I do not think I even took.  So ignore the blurriness.


  1. Btw, that is a dog costume. Baby K was so fat he needed to wear a dog costume..