Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Day in the Cutestcat Empire

Big News on the site today.  I would like to introduce the newest member to the cutestcatintheworld family!  No Baby didn't have a son (He's fixed) but he is still going to be the Pep Pep of this new child Autolycus!  My girlfriend recently became the proud owner of this cute little kitten.  He will start making regular appearances on the blog.

*Drum Roll*

He already knows how cute he is, he's just like Baby K..

The Babe actually went outside!  He was catching "June bugs"


  1. haha I had never seen that picture of babyk :p brilliant! LOVE the new addition too :D cant wait to see some pics with them together!

  2. That's because it's a new photo :P Unless the blog says archive it's always new photos, that's why updating this site daily is so challenging. I can't wait for them to meet each other!