Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Update: Baby K

So, I am finally updating. Lately I have taken a break because of my busy school/work schedule, and honestly due to a lack of content in the archives. To combat this problem before it prevents updates and in an effort to keep this site interesting I'm going to change the way I do updates. The site is going to continue updating daily but from now on each day of the week will be a different cat. Here is the schedule for this:
Sunday: Baby K
Monday: Autolycus
Tuesday: Carlin
Wednesday: Charlie
Thursday: Missy
Friday: Lemmy (Will also contain a link share)
Saturday: Random (Will also contain a video)
Now that I am almost officially on break from college I will also start implementing a lot of new features for the site while I'm on break.  Just a reminder if you haven't be sure to check out Baby K's Twitter and his new but rarely yet to be used Tumblr page.

Since today is Sunday have yourself a healthy helping of The Babe

Don't awaken him from his slumber

BTW We've almost reached 7,000 total views and are nearing 200 twitter followers thanks everyone!

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