Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday Update: Meow

One of my Other Cats Photo: Missy
Devil Cat, Angry Cat, Christmas Cat
We even got Missy to wear the X-mas hat.
Random Online Image
Simpsons Cat, Snowball III
You know what show this is from, don't lie.


  1. We got my cat on christmas to wear a santa suit and hat, it was awesome. He was being a baby about it and soon as he turned the corner he wiggled out of it

  2. I love the page! Following for more posts!

    You should do the same for me!

    Thanks catty!

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @Kilsr Baby K (not the cat in the picture, but the main cat of the site) used to have no problem wearing costumes and for about a week after xmas he wore a bow. But lately when I try to put anything on him (I got him a caterpillar costume) he wiggles out o it instantly.