Saturday, January 7, 2012

Autolycus is Home!

So I know I haven't updated much recently around the holidays.  Let's just say I took a week off and forgot to tell everyone?  But we're back with daily updates starting today.  Over this time Autolycus went missing :(  but he was found tonight!  I am so glad. He was welcomed home with fancy feast! So to celebrate this we will be posting a couple pics of pepe (Autolycus).  We will resume regular updates tomorrow.  <3  Lets start this new year off awesome.     Btw I got a new camera today!!  So expect more, higher quality photos on the blog!

One of my Other Cats Photo: PePe
fat orange cat, Cat arm over couch
He never ceases to make me laugh.

box on cats head, Cat with box, its a trap
It's a trap!

orange kitten, cute kitty

Random Online Image
cat in mail box, cute cat gif
You've got mail


  1. Glad you found him! And can't wait to see those high quality pictures of other cats. Thanks for the shares.

  2. Thanks! I cannot wait to go home and start taking pictures of Baby K.