Friday, November 25, 2005

Hawaiian Shirts

So I've been a member of what i'd like to refer to as Team Awesome for about 5 years now.  To be a member of Team Awesome you must wear the finest of all clothing styles, that's right THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT.  Just out of pure silliness I've decided to compile a collection of members for this group. 

I have to start things off with the legend himself Bruce Campbell.
Bruce is a luxury member of this elite group because he buys his shirts at Tony Bahama for $100+ while my Hawaiian shirts tend to run me $2-$4 at my local thrift store.

Colin Mochrie
While it's not my favorite Hawaiian shirt, I believe it counts.
David Born
You may recognize this fine comedian from T&EASGJ!
Tommy Vercetti
Hawaiian threads even look great in the virtual world.
Tom Selleck
He'll show you his Magnum P.I. ;)
Al Pacino
While he may not know what a Pelican is, he has fine choice in clothing.
Steve Buscemi
This is my all time favorite actor.
Trevor Moore
One of the funniest person in comedy today.
Ron Jeremy
This is a rare photo of him because hes wearing clothes.
Weird Al Yankovic
If the pure audio of polka could be turned into thread, it would be made into a Hawaiian shirt.

In the cartoon world we can turn to Gary-Motherfuckin-Oak
He shares a nickname with Bruce Mother-fuckin campbell

And last I have pics of 2 of my 3 Hawaiian shirts.
This was from when I met all 3 of the Boondock Saints.

At the renaissance fair.

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