Friday, November 25, 2005

Lets go to Branson, Colorado

There is one style of clothing which I love even more than Hawaiian Tshirts, I do not know what this style of clothing is actually called, but I generally just refer to it as either Colorado or Branson clothing.  In highschool I started buying the majority of all my clothing from thrift stores to protest major corporations, support veterans (I shopped primarily at DAV), and of course to save money!  As I started to shop at these type of places I started to find the hilarity in the horrible over the top clothing you can find in masses there.  It's a game I like to play while shopping, and of course the best part is buying them and wearing them afterwards.  While I would often wear a boy scouts uniform, or a "My son is in the airforce" or "World's greatest dad t-shirt" to school, my real personal favorites of a thrift store search are Animal t-shirts.  Please join me in look through some of my personal favorites, maybe some day we will have our own museum,  along with a museum of Jerry Maguire tapes. On a side-note I don't know if anyone gets the humor of it but the banner for this site is meant to be done in this style.

Lets start things off with the epitome of all ironic hipster t-shirts

That's right, Three Wolf Moon

There are several sources in comedy in which I have noticed these style of t-shirts being worn that i'd like to talk about.

Most noteably is one of my favorite comedians Timmy Williams

I think this shark t-shirt of his is totally radi-cool

This is one of my personal all time favorite t-shirts.

This is Mr. Williams Holy Grail of his closet.
If you've been reading this blog for awhile you may remember that Timmy Williams has a cat named Spaceship.

Another source of funny clothing is Zach Galifianakis (On a side note Firefox spell check things Galifianakis is a typo for Egalitarianism)
This is from The Hang Over Part II.  I wonder if while wearing this Zach had a hard time not yelling "Here Comes The Choo-Choo"
And the movie with the best aesthetics Napoleon Dynamite
He also had a great Unicorn shirt.
Where do these T-shirts come from?  The best source I have found of them is The Mountain.  Here are some of their fine products
Try fishing without thumbs bro

They have a lot in this style..

I think they could have fit a few more cats on there personally..

There, that's more like it

I'm the big shark

I plan on buying this one someday.

Open your eyes...

For when 3 wolves just aren't enough!
Can I get a few more wolves please?

This is the Tri-force Link really believes in


I really cannot wait to buy this one!
It glows in the mother fucking dark

Close to this style are a few tshirts I own from Threadless

Got this a couple of years ago, it is my favorite shirt.

Cats + Lasers = Awesome

Cats + Space = Awesome
and Last Christmas I got this shirt for my girlfriend from Think Geek
Your eyes are open

In a random ebay acution I randomly saw this for sell as well

I feel I will regret not buying it for the rest of my existence.

In case you didn't get enough Three Wolf Moon

Sad Keanu sure is Sad
And last but not least, something I added a bit of extra text too.
And their massive tear drop flood.

Almost forgot this one!  Had to go back and edit:
Meet the Creepah

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