Monday, November 14, 2005

If you're having monetary problems I don't sympathize son, you're the 99% i'm in the top 1.

So it looks like this year Kanye West will have some competition for biggest douche-bag-rapper.  Recently Jay-Z has started selling "Occupy All Streets" t-shirts obviously capitalizing off of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Jay-Z is not the first to try and surely wont be the last.  Whenever we see someone exploit a good cause, or exploit anything or anyone for that matter, to make money we must not purchase the item, even if it is a desirable one (this one is not in my opinion).  When large groups of people participate and stand up against injustice, principles of capitalism can be used to better this world, I think a long with not purchasing these shirts, there should be no more purchasing of anything Jay Z makes money from, not right now, not ever again.  He wants to make money off of an anti-exploitation movement, he obviously doesn't care about his fans, and definitely he doesn't care about "The Hood".

This doesn't have to end at tshirts,  If you don't like the process of how something was made don't purchase it.  There are many stores you can choose from to avoid contributing to such despicable behavior, and these places are often cheaper.  You can buy clothes from thrift stores, food from your local farmers market (Better yet grow it yourself!), etc.  When you do buy clothes from thrift stores, you can also go a little further and remove all corporate labels from them with a blade and markers (are they paying you to advertise?).

Think about your actions, they affect everyone else to some degree.

If you agree be sure to send Jay Zs fanpage a tweet (Perhaps tell him to donate all profits to Occupy Wallstreet) saying so and if you desire please check out my other article about the Occupy Movement.

Have a great day, it's time to change the world.  Educate yourself and your fellow humans.  Look out for eachother <3 We are the 100%

Also, to my Occupy brothers and sisters, if this enraged you, make sure to check out what Frank Miller said about our movement and definitively make sure to leave him a message about how you feel.

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